The Süddeutsche Zeitung reveres him as an ‘icon of early music’, and the New York Times applauds him as a ‘light in a sea of mediocrity’. Reinhard Goebel specialises in the repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries; As an expounder of period performance practice for both early music ensembles and modern orchestras, and as an endless fount of knowledge about gems of the repertoire, he is a world-renowned specialist.

Reinhard Goebel primarily dedicates the 2019/20 season to his longstanding research and music project Beethoven’s World, in which he examines little-known works of Beethoven and the milieu of his contemporaries in order to encourage a relocation of Beethoven within the axis of music- historical coordinates. A five-part CD cycle with Germany’s leading radio orchestras (WDR, HR, DRP, MRO), including four first-ever recordings, will additionally be released from November 2019 for Sony Classical and accompany extensive touring throughout Europe featuring a variety of programs orbiting Beethoven.

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